Responsible Design

We created Starre Eleven with sustainability in mind from the start, rather than trying to reduce our environmental footprint retroactively.

Our products are designed simply. We source high-quality, low-impact materials, then dye, cut, and sew them with a process designed for efficiency. No detail is too small: even our logos are printed with environmentally friendly ink, making our mark on the planet as small as possible.

Recycled polyester made from REPREVE® yarn

Eco-conscious Materials

We pride ourselves on transparency throughout the production process and use 100% certified recycled fabric for all of our products.

We source our fabric from the USA as well as from select locations abroad. Our imported materials are made in OEKO-TEX standard 100 & Bluesign certified textile mills. Our fabric is made from Unifi's REPREVE® yarn, created by recycling post-consumer water bottles.

Domestic Production

All of our products are designed and manufactured in the USA. Not only does this create local jobs and allow us to guarantee our products are made in safe working conditions, but it contributes to our mission of minimizing environmental impact.

Fewer miles traveled for production and transportation translate to lower emissions and a greener planet. We're also able to keep a close eye on the manufacturing process, ensuring that materials are being used efficiently with as little waste as possible. Any materials that aren't used in garments are recycled again, guaranteeing that nothing winds up in a landfill throughout our production process.

Recycle your well-loved clothes with our take-back program

Creating Circularity

We participate in a closed-loop textile recycling program. We'll take back your well-loved clothes that were purchased at, and we’ll pass them along to our partners that recycle worn fabrics to create new fabrics. What can’t be made into fibers for clothing is used for rags, rugs, and other textiles, ensure true circularity.

Please click here for our take-back program to recycle your clothes purchased from us!  

Create a more sustainable world with Starre Eleven.

We put everything we can into creating stylish, Eco-conscious activewear. To do your part, consider participating in our take-back program, upcycling well-loved clothes to create new textiles.

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