From plastic bottles to stylish sportswear

Recycling with REPREVE®

Discover how Unifi transforms discarded plastic bottles into 100% certifiably-recycled polyester fiber that we use to create our clothing at Starre Eleven.

Progress over perfection

The global textile and apparel industry is one of the largest sources of pollution. While this isn't a perfect solution to the plastic problem we're facing, using recycled polyester instead of virgin polyester reduces carbon emissions, energy consumption by over 45%, water consumption by nearly 20%, and greenhouse gas emissions by over 30%. Typically, it takes 450 years for a plastic water bottle to fully decompose. However, using REPREVE® yarn actively contributes to waste reduction by diverting plastic bottles from landfills and the ocean, and reduces soil contamination as well as air and water pollution. It is a small but significant step toward a cleaner environment.